Deisim is a modern take on classic god games like populous or black and white but designed with VR in mind.


Live the experience of being an omnipotent god and decide the fate of mankind. In this sandbox game you can build your own world from scratch and guide humanity from stone age to modern era and beyond! Perform miracles to help humanity prosper or hinder them by causing disasters! You can do anything you dream of in Deisim. You are in charge and no one will judge your actions!


  • Virtual Reality God game
  • Grid based world creation
  • Autonomous humans, no micromanagement
  • 5 Civilisations with more than 100 different humans
  • Various ages from stone age to modern age and beyond
  • Resource Management
  • Perform miracles
  • Sandbox Mode
  • Slow paced
  • Low poly





Awards & Recognition

  • "Belgian Game Awards 2021" Winner : AR/VR game of the year
  • "Pico Awards 2021" Winner : Best Sandbox Game
  • "Belgian Game Awards 2020" Nominee : Debut game of the year
  • "Belgian Game Awards 2019" Nominee : Best AR/VR

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Deisim Credits

Tommy Maloteaux
Paul Celerier
Sound Designer - Collaborator
Ulric Santore
Composer - Collaborator
Cyrille Hurth
Character Artist - Collaborator
Semen Pozdeev
Environment Artist - Collaborator